Birthday Cake for Maggie…….

So our youngest just turned 5!

It’s been all about Hello Kitty this year so I figured out how to make her a Hello Kitty birthday cake…….

My sis-in-law, Adell just moved to town before summer began and she is an avid baker and knows how to decorate a cake!

So she let me borrow her 15-inch round cake pan, which I baked the cake in and then trimmed the top and bottom to get more of an oval shape.
I used the left over batter in a small oval cake pan to make the ears and fashion the classic Hello Kitty bow on the tope of her head.
I really like the engineering/building part of the cake….it’s a lot of fun!

So here’s Maggie with her cake………

Maggie enjoyed that cake!
We all did as a matter of fact.

So this is the first post of “See Kelly Cook.”
I’m looking forward to writing about my culinary journeys here and we’ll see how quickly I learn to navigate this blog and add bells and whistles in the near future!
Come back and visit as you can……I love having guests!