It’s more about thoughts than food today.

Today is the day after Easter.  My hubby’s at work. My kid’s are in school. I’m sitting here thinking about the Easter weekend and the message that was shared and the songs that were sung all in the praise of our God and Creator who sent his son down to earth to put on skin and move into our neighborhood.  He walked among us, rubbed shoulders with us, talked with us, fellowshipped with us, laughed with us, cried with us.  But most profoundly, He died for us.


Jesus gave his life as payment for the wages of my sin, so that I can live debt free and claim faith in him and eternity in heaven. We sang songs with words proclaiming his ‘beautiful name’…..’amazing grace’…..’perfect love’….. but one word hit me cross ways across my heart as I proclaimed it in the moment of song as it melodically passed through my lips……


It means to defeat an opponent; to prevail; to over power or overwhelm.  In those moments of praising my Creator and His son, who took my place on a cross long ago for the sins I’ve committed today and tomorrow and the next, that word tattooed itself on my heart indefinitely.  Being a believer has been a perpetual battle of trying to get through the things and stuff of this life that just suck.  I have known great strife and grief feeling unwanted, unloved, unworthy, unnoticed, unable, etc.  I have also had moments of pure joy and have been able to recognize them as such and to be completely present in those moments for I don’t know how long they will last and I need to rely on those feels and memories to get me through the hardness of life that rears it’s head daily.

My God overcame, so that I can do the same.

As a believer, I am ‘overcoming.’  It’s a perpetual process.

Some magnificently perfect day when God calls me home, I will drop the ‘-ing’ and add     ‘-er.’  Someday, that tattoo on my heart will read proudly,


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