Home. Again.

**Insert Deep Sigh**

I’m sitting here typing from our new home on the west side of the town we’ve called home now for 17 years….Colorado Springs.

What an incredibly hard and trying year it’s been served with sides of joy and amazement scattered throughout.  A new part time job for me, new schools for our girls, new neighborhood, new community.  With all this newness we’ve been privy to of late, I really hope my old tired heart and mind catch up soon.  My attitude really needs to catch up with my new surroundings…..I’ve felt so incredibly humbled by God’s grace and mercy in my life this past year.  Just being able to sit at my desk at my computer in my new office now and glance up at that beautifully magnificent peak that Pike named, I am in complete awe.

What a sweet gift to unwrap…..this house of mine.

God, I so want to be worthy…..please help me see that somehow I’m worthy.  Help me see and know what this next chapter in my and my family’s life is to be and help me open up this lovely home to those who need to feel welcomed, who need to be fed, who need to sit and visit or chat or just simply ‘be’ while they’re amongst friends.  Help me to open the door and get out of the way so you can do a good work here in this home…….Please come and dwell with us here and all those who enter in…….

I’ve been absent and away from this blog for months now and there are more than enough reasons as to why.  Moving, in and of itself, quite turns a family upside down but we’ve managed to land on our feet and are ready to hit the ground somewhat running.

I hope to come back and chat soon in between the unpacking of boxes……just wanted to say hello again.

2 thoughts on “Home. Again.

  1. Lots of changes in your lives. Allow yourself time to adapt to the change, catch up with the work of it all, and rest in God’s grace that is new every morning. I’m happy to help, too, if you need me. 🙂

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