It’s a brand new year…..

And a fresh start is in order.

Not a new start because this blog o’ mine is a bit dusty to tell the truth.  But I hope to remedy that this year.

I started a new part-time job in the middle of last year and now that I have my bearings straight after learning the ropes and going through training, I’m ready to take it out for a spin.  This job, I’ll be telling you more about in the months ahead but it is a lovely fit for someone like me who’s been staying at home for a decade now, tending to our 2 girls.  They’re in school now and I’d been praying all last year for something I could do to provide a little extra income in our household and also for something that would fulfill my desire to serve with the passion and desires of a calling that He placed in my life since childhood.

Then one day, a friend told me he had a proposition for me……..I met with him and his wife a week or so later……drove up into the mountains to a lovely place called SonScape and was offered a part time managerial job for their food service less than two weeks later…..

The job fits me like a glove.

These people are becoming my extended family.

I love that I get to make menus and prepare tasty morsels along with our volunteers for people in ministry that come from near and far to find a little rest and retreat for their souls.  God and our retreat leaders provide the nourishment for their souls and I get to facilitate and provide nourishment for their earthly temples…….their bodies.


I do not take this task lightly……I thrive on serving others good food and watching them eat what I’ve prepared and hearing the memories….old or new or funny or tender……as the bread is being passed or a glass is being refilled.

The witnessing and the sharing of these meals with friends, new or old…….this is my happy place.

My journey has led me to this place and I’ve gone off map at times, the years it’s taken to get here, but somehow managed to be in the right place at the right moment in time to receive this opportunity.  As this place….this destination came in to view last year, I was simply amazed at the opportunity and with awe I took a moment to look back at all the events that led me here….

God is to be adored and praised for His provision in my life.

And it is with my complete adoration to Him that I shoulder this task…..this opportunity…..to serve others well.

And so it begins……..

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