Birthday Cake for Lily…….

So if I were on my game, I would’ve posted this back in October when Lily had her 8th birthday.   Better late than never, I guess!

Lily celebrated her 8th birthday in late October and asked me for a “flower” cake so I browsed through my copy of “Hello, Cupcake!” and found a sunflower cupcake make with oreo cookies as the dark center of the sunflower.  Then I pulled out my gi-normous cupcake pan, whipped up a recipe for a double chocolate pound cake, made the cupcake and started icing that flower cupcake.  I used store bought icing per the recipe in “Hello, Cupcake!” but from now on, I think I’ll use my own recipe for icing that really works best when I decorate a cake.

So here’s the final gi-normous cupcake-cake for Lily’s 8th birthday………


And here’s our lovely 8 year old, Lily with her “flower” cake……..


Goofy kid……I haven’t a clue where she gets that personality from????????


It was a good cake with the chocolate pound cake….the icing…..the oreos…….yum!

We had Adell and Samuel and Sean over to celebrate her birthday over breakfast/brunch and then had cake afterwards.


She’s 8 years old, this one……..


Lily, I love that you call me, mom.  Sometimes I have a hard time believing that’s who I am to you, but I still like my name………”mom.”







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